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Vasculight for Redness of the Skin



Laser treatment for Facial Broken Blood Vessels and Facial Flushing

Blood vessels visible just beneath the skin surface are often found around the nose, cheeks and chin. They have become abnormally enlarged due to heredity, excessive sun or some skin conditions such as Rosacea (adult acne). Vasculight treats both these red vessels and usually eradicates most blue veins visible under the eyes. Vascular lasers such as Vasculight are the gold standard treatment for facial flushing.

How are they removed?

The state-of-the-art Vasculight unit combines IPL (intense pulsed light)with a long pulsed Nd:YAG laser. It offers a number of treatment settings that allow us to tailor the treatment to suit the caliber and depth of your visible blood vessels. Vasculight is designed to release it's packet of energy only when it reaches the red (blood vessel) target. A spot weld is then created within the blood vessel with minimal effect on the surrounding tissue. More extensive and stubborn vessels require more than one session. Older treatments such as cautery caused non-specific tissue injury, with greater likelihood of scarring.

Are there any treatment complications?

Discomfort is very brief and can be described as a short, hot snapping sensation. A very cold gel applied just before the treatment minimizes this sensation. There may be minimal redness for 3-5 days. Stubborn vessels may require settings that cause small localized bruising. We are mindful of your social schedule when arranging treatments for stubborn vessels.

The potential for temporary bruising is proportional to the size of blood vessels. It is therefore better to treat when the blood vessels are smaller rather than wait until they have enlarged. Larger vessels may also be less responsive to laser therapy.

Do the veins come back after treatment?

Some may recur. However, people who have facial broken blood vessels can count on getting new ones over the course of their lifetime, which can also be treated. Maintenance treatments are therefore recommended.

Treatments that complement Vasculight

IPL Photorejuvenation addresses the irregular brown discolouration of mature, sun-damaged skin as well as the broken blood vessels.

How do I find out more?

To book a consultation phone 905.664.5850 or 800.396.7567 or use our online Consultation Request Form.