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Tumescent Liposuction/Liposculpture

Liposuction is the most popular cosmetic surgery performed in North America. Dr. Lozinski has performed more than 2,000 of these procedures.

"Thank-you so much for taking all the time I needed to explain everything and answer all of my questions. Thank-you for your concerns for my comfort during the procedure as well as the follow up call that evening. I felt very confident and comfortable in your care. The results are wonderful"

---- a patient

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Tumescent Liposuction

The tumescent form of this procedure is a significant advance. It is the safest form of liposuction given that it is done entirely under local anesthetic. No serious complications have been associated with true tumescent liposuction without general anesthesia. It was developed by a California Dermatologist, Dr. Jeffrey Klein, with whom Dr. Lozinski trained.

Advantages of the Tumescent technique

Newer micro-instruments have been developed to make liposuction under local anesthetic alone feasible. Smaller instruments are less traumatic and contribute to quicker recovery, smoother results and tiny incisions (most heal imperceptibly).

What areas can be treated?

Some fat deposits simply won't budge despite our best efforts to get in shape with exercise and proper nutrition. The most common sites for women are the abdomen (includes waistline sculpting), saddlebags (upper outer thighs), inner and anterior (front) thighs, hips and back, buttocks, neck, chin, and arms. For men, the most popular treatment sites are the flanks ("love handles") and abdomen as well as neck and chin (see Belkyra).

Am I a candidate?

Liposuction is neither a substitute for proper diet and exercise nor a cure for obesity. To get the most from this procedure, you should be of average weight with extra fat localized in specific areas. It is important that you have healthy, elastic skin with the capacity to shrink evenly after your surgery. This is determined during your consultation. Since liposuction removes only fat, it cannot eliminate dimpling or correct skin laxity. Candidates should be in good general health.


Following surgery, you will wear absorbent dressings for 24 hours. A special lycra garment is also worn thereafter. Most patients can expect to return to work in 48 hours. Modified aerobic exercise can be re-introduced on day 4 post tumescent liposuction.

How do I find out more?

To book a consultation phone 905.664.5850 or 800.396.7567 or use our online Consultation Request Form.